What does it cost?

There is no cost to you, the TOY DESIGNER, in any way – ever.  It is FREE to upload your toy design images and always will be. 

When one of our CLIENTS, a toy or gift company, desires to work with you we utilize an industry-standard temporary (or permanent) hiring agreement and the cost is paid by the employer (i.e. “client”).  This has no effect on how much the employer pays you or for how long you can work with them.  That is up to you both.  We merely provide the connection.  In a word, we are “match-makers” between you the toy designer and the toy company!

What images can I post?

Allow me to start by saying what you can not post.  You can not post toy design images that you don’t legally have the rights to.   You CAN NOT post images with YOUR NAME or with YOUR CONTACT INFO on them. 

We at Cute Or Cool are the “match-makers” and if your toy design images have your name and contact info (i.e. email address, web url, phone number, etc) on them our clients wouldn’t need to us to provide our match–making services.  Any toy design images containing contact info will not be posted on the site.

So, what can I post?

You must post toy related images; including but not limited to toy package design, turnarounds, sketches, toy logos, mechanical drawings…you get the idea – anything toy related.  If it is not toy related we will not be able to post your images; remember, this is the site for toy design jobs!

What can I do to get noticed by your toy clients? 

I am glad you asked as I am an expert and have some hypotheses (yes, big word) on what the toy companies want.  I think it is important to show at least one excellent sketch piece.  My toy clients always ask how good/strong your freehand is…so show them!  Also, don’t be too boy or too girl.  Especially don’t be too boy! If all you ever draw is pictures of a muscled-up devil spitting razor blades you probably won’t get much interest from my clients.  Balance is the key and “softer” images are better than “harder” themed ones.  Take the time to review the toy designers #111, #210, #247 and #318.  These are examples of some toy designers that have a balanced offering and that appeals to my toy clients. It is also important to stay away from busy or cluttered "collage" images.  You only get 6 images to wow the client so make them your best 6 images...not a collection/collage of 60 of your best images all smashed into frames, that just doesn't sell the client.

Lastly don’t forget the cardinal rule!  Make sure the images are toy related so they relate to the toy companies!

Can I put my Cute or Cool page on my resume, Linkedin, etc?


Many of our toy designers put their Cute or Cool hyperlink, http://www.cuteorcool.com/Artists/210.htm, on their resumes or in their email signatures. You too can do this as your page address will not change. Cute or Cool wants to help you help yourself so take advantage of this opportunity.

Who are we?


Cute or Cool is brought to you by the leading search firm in the toy industry, ToyRecruiter.com For us it is all about the toys! Our goal is to give our toy clients the best freelance toy designers and the best fulltime toy designers in the industry. We don't accept the artwork from just any toy designers; all uploads are vetted for quality and many don't make the cut.  We only work with the best toy designers in the industry and our clients appreciate that we only show the best toy designers on the website. 

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