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Toy Designers and Illustrators, this toy design website is for you! Especially developed for toy (graphic and industrial) designers, illustrators, toy product development, sculptors and packaging people! You upload your best (web-friendly) toy design images and our clients (toy and gift companies) review them and contact us if they want to hire you for Fulltime or Freelance toy design work! There is no cost to you - EVER! works with the best toy companies in the world and handles the best jobs in the toy industry! You decide what images to upload, you decide your wants and let us bring the toy design jobs to you!




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If you are looking to hire a fulltime toy designer, or if you need a freelance toy designer, please visit our

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Toy Designers, have you read this!...this is a Testimonial from a real live Toy Designer just like you!

"Being a freelance toy designer I have always found work through word-of-mouth or by attending trade shows. I have never, until now, had any success through any toy job websites or toy recruiters. Once the recruiters find out that you are not willing to relocate, or work full-time, they basically let you know that they'll "keep your resume on file" and you never hear from them again. This was not the case with toy recruiter David Fitzgibbons from 'Cute Or Cool'.  I came across this website and on a lark posted some images. David emailed me right away and told me that he had a company in mind that might be perfect for me. After asking me what I was looking for, he explained (very enthusiastically) that he would get back to me if his toy client was interested. Thirty minutes later he called me back to let me know that his toy client was very interested in my work and would call me. Forty minutes later I received a call from the client company and we scheduled an interview for the following day.  The interview was a success and I am starting a toy design project immediately. Wow - that was fast! David really knows his clients and makes things happen - and fast! I highly recommend 'Cute Or Cool' andToyRecruiter David Fitzgibbons if you are looking for work.  He doesn't just make promises, he gets the ball rolling. Thank you so much David!"


        -Louis Freelance Toy Designer


You can learn The ToyRecruiter, David E. Fitzgibbons, CPC at his Candidate Resources page on the ToyRecruiter website.  You can reach Toy Recruiter David via the Contact page.

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